Training Seminar and Courses

Training Seminar and Courses

We Offer a Wide Range of Marine Safety Courses and Seminars

Lifeboat Release Gear Familiarisation Workshop

Aaron Marine Offshore organises safety seminars relating to the safe and efficient inspections of a multitude of differing lifeboat hook release systems.

Lifeboat Release Gear Familiarisation Workshop covers generic lifeboat release systems and safe operating methods. Supported by our fully equipped training rooms and operating lifeboat and davit models, personnel actively engaged in the inspection of lifesaving equipment have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and knowledge of these systems.


To date, we have conducted safety seminars for the following:-
• Port Authorities
• Classification societies
• Ship’s crew
• Vessel operators and managers


Aaron Marine Offshore is able to customise seminars to suit the needs of different industry sectors, e.g.: Regulations, davits, repair procedures, annual inspections, 5-yearly inspections and more.

A practical training workshop include is offered in conjunction with each course at Aaron Marine Off shore’s workshop facility.

All practical workshop training and classroom content was developed by a team of qualified ITE Industrial Training Officers, familiar with all aspects relating to the various methods and designs of present day release systems.


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